Steel construction parts were transported for a plant operator from Poland to Germany. Here large-scale assembly groups weighing up to 50 t and measuring a maximum of up to 30 m in length and 6.50 m in breadth were moved by inland waterway vessel and pusher barge.

Given personal back-up and on-site coordination, the operation was smoothly completed with a 25% saving on time. Parallel to this, a considerable number of trucks were loaded with other construction parts for “just in time” delivery and transported to an interim warehouse subject to a previously defined time and storage schedule.

The large-scale assembly groups were also brought “just in time” to the interim warehouse via the river Oder, the Mittelland Canal and the rivers Rhine and Main. Likewise personal on-site coordination enabled a significant time saving on handling at the transit ports at destination and the subsequent cartage and conveyance to the interim warehouse. The close cooperation and coordination with our customer and the plant operator meant that there were practically no disruptions to internal on-site operations whatsoever. The entire project was planned, carried out and completed in the shortest space of time to the utter satisfaction of our customer and the recipient.